20130907_215926Here at For the People Entertainment, we stress reliability, class, style, and hard work. Are these traits in you? A lot of people misrepresent themselves and we are not apart of that culture. For the People Entertainment on all levels is here to provide our services at the best of our ability to our clients. IS THIS IN YOU? For the People Entertainment is always looking to improve its staff, but is only looking to populate with prompt, well dressed, fun loving, adaptable, and hard workers. IS THIS YOU? Be honest with yourself and us. The nature of our work requires honesty, a willingness to please, and pride in what you do. CAN YOU DO THIS? Knowledge of music and understanding the ins and outs of entertaining people requires experience and training. YES YOU CAN! Here at For the People Entertainment we will give you the training and provide the opportunities to develop your experience. WE PROMISE!

We are For The People Entertainment and we want you to be apart of our working family.


We work hard and play hard. If you are the type of person we are looking for please apply at this E-mail.
I require your first and last name in the subject box. In the body of your email, Please provide your resume, a BRIEF explanation of why we should hire you, and YOUR MOST MEMORABLE moment where you had to entertain a crowd of people or ORGANIZE an event for a group of people. (be more descriptive of your most memorable moment in entertainment.)


Jerald Donegan,

Owner and CEO For the People Entertainment

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